I. What is HTX

HTX is a clone of a mac software (AFAIK) providing hotline sites tracker service.

HTX stands for Hotline Tracker for uniX (HTU sounds bad :-) ).

HTX is currently a beta version, no source distribution.

HTX is free however, if you use it regularly and want to support its development, you can send a small fee.

II. HTX functions

HTX offers the following functions while running.

III. Available version

The link in the table refers a gzipped executable. Currently, HTX is only available is the following version:

OS CPU library Version
Linux i386 glibc2 (built on redhat 5.1) 98/09/06
libc5 (built on redhat 4.2) 98/09/06
IRIX 5.3 and above R4000 - 98/09/06
SunOS 5 UltraSparc - 98/09/06

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