Files Directory/Drop boxes

This is directory (files) contains site files. All account directories are given relatively to this directory and can't contain parent directory reference. Hotline allows you to create links (this feature is perhaps not available in your version), none of them can go outside this directory. Only someone logged in using an unix account can create links (symbolic or not) to go outside this directory. Inside this directory, you can manage your site has you want. A good idea if you plan to use account root directory features is to create one directory per account and symbolically link directories you want to make available for this account inside its directory.

Note abount symbolic links: If the destination of a symbolic link is in the HSX scope (inside files), HSX follows it but if it is outside HSX scope (outside files directory) and if HSX is not configured to allow this (this is the default status), symbolic link is not followed. Using HSX configuration manager GHX plugin, you can give a set of legal directories so files directory always works but other directories can also be reachable.

Reserved filename

Some filenames have a special meaning. Currently, if a directory has a name like 'Drop box for ' (case insensitive) followed by an account name (case sensitive), only the owner of the account can browse this directory and only if the account has the can view drop box option set.

Hidden files

Some files won't be displayed by HSX.

.upload example:

line#line contentmeaning
1DENYNo one can upload in this directory
2wlcmexcept users using wlcm login.
3absol 93.*.*.152and users using absol login if their IP starts with 93 and ends with 152
4dqz 5.12and users using dzq login if their IP starts with 5.12. This IP mask means the same thing as 5.12.*.5
3ckc 53.2.and users using ckc login if their IP starts with 53.2. This IP mask means the same thing as 53.2.*.*

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