Configuration file and database

1.Configuration file

HSX requires a configuration file to run. Here is a description of each line of this file. Every line of the file has the following format: Code,option where Code is a letter from A to Z (case insensitive) and option depends of the code. They are separated by a comma (,) WITHOUT SPACE.

Code Option Meaning
R string This line defines the path of the root site (where all HSX directories are). This code is mandatory. You must define an absolute path not a relative (path must start with a slash). Example: R,/home/hsx
P number Defines the site port number. The default value is 5500. This code is optionnal. Example: P,5500
T address[,password] Defines the address of a tracker where HSX must register the site. You can also specify an optionnal password. You can define upto 32 trackers to use. This code is optionnal. Example: T,dummy.tracker.com,adummypassword
S string Defines the site name. This option is mandatory only if you plan to register the site on tracker. Sitename length is limited to 31 characters. Example: S,mon site a moi.
D string Define the site description. This option is mandatory only if you plan to register the site on tracker. String length is limited to 255 characters. You can use any existing characters, including ',' . Example: D,this is a dummy site, and there is nothing here
X number Defines the number of simultaneous DOWNLOADS. Uploads are not affected by this option. If the number is below 0, the number of simultaneous downloads is not limited. Default value is -1 (not limited). Example: X,5
WARNING: this flag is no more supported, you must use key download_queue_size in the database.

2. Database

Since HSX has plugin support, a database is used to store some configuration parameters for HSX itself and also for plugins.

You can use GHX to graphically configure HSX using HSX configuration manager. Moreover, some functions can only be configured using this plugin.

A list of currently existing parameters is provided in HSX archive in the file named DATABASE. The following parameters exist:

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