GHX2/3 is no more 100% free, it is now shareware (for several more or less good reasons).

Except if someone wants to provide us all required financial support, you will have to pay a small fee to register your version.

For this fee, you will obtain:

  1. a valid registration key working for your Operating System and all future GHX 2 releases.
  2. an installation support to help you to solve potential problem.

Usage limits

If you have a registration key, you are forced to accept the following rules.

  1. You can start as many client as you want (as many as your display and your memory can).
  2. You can't share your key with other users regardless of their location (on the same computer or not). If you try, you will encounter some "problems". First, your key will be locally disabled, you will have to enter it the next time you start GHX. If this happens too many times, your key will be disabled forever.
  3. If a registration key is found on a registration number list, it will be forever disabled. No notification will be sent to the original key owner.

Warning: If you try to create your own registration number, in the best case, you will have an invalid registration number message, in the worse case, file transfer will be randomly corrupted.


Price depends on Operation System.

Operating System Price in Euro Price in US$ Price in US$
using Paypal
All supported platform
22.00 30.00 25.00
All other supported OS 27.00 30.00 30.00


We don't accept any credit cards but you can use paypal if you really want to use one.

You can pay using the following method (according to your location).

Location method currency
France cheque Euro
cash Euro
Paypal US$
Outside France
(including Europe)
cheque Euro
cash Euro
US$ / Traveller cheques/ Money orders
Paypal US$

Traveller cheques are prefered if you are outside France. They are safe and fast.

Before sending anything, contact us.

Contact us for more informations.
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