Mandatory panels

The first time you run GHX, 2 windows appear, the command window and the task window. You can't close those windows. If you close them, GHX leaves (after confirmation).

Command window

command window pix

This window contain all directly usable functions. In the latest version of GHX, you can change the window orientation (look inside configuration) to have buttons displayed horizontally or vertically.

This panel contains following buttons (functions):

Some functions are only available if the corresponding plugin has been loaded:

This window can't be replaced using a plugin. However, some plugins may install a button or an icon or both of them.

Task window

task window pix

Hotline mainly uses a task concept. Each time you make an action, a task is created (no new process, it is an internal concept). When you change icon, make a connexion, download or upload file, a hotline task is created. Every existing tasks are displayed in this window, from the oldest (top) to the newest (bottom). Somes tasks can be executed simultaneously like download, connecting a tracker, updating user name or icon, posting a message to someone or to a chat.

Most of the time, tasks acting on the same object are sorted (by time), we say they are queued. For instance, 2 downloads are not authorized at the same time or posting a news while GHX read current news content. Each time a such case occurs, GHX process the first request and queues all others. When the first task end, the first queued task starts and so on.

Task window allows selection of tasks. The only two buttons provide kill functions. The black cross stands for kill selected tasks while the red cross kill all existing tasks.

Tasks are divided in 2 classes, the killable task and the not killable task.

GHX ignore not killable task automatically, regardless of what you select.

This window can't be replaced using a plugin.

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