configuration - user identity

All user identity information are gathered in this part of the configuration panel. Their meaning are given in the following list:

configuration - switch

This part of the panel contains a list of switches activating some functions

configuration - sound

This part of the panel contains a list of switches relative to sound support.

configuration - layer

This part of the panel allows you to select window to open when GHX starts. Selected windows are opened where they have been pinned.

configuration - helpers

Since GHX 2.89.00, File browser has an option to display files. When a user wants to display a file, GHX uses this list of helpers to find the most appropriate file viewer. Choice is made using file extension. A default helper can be created using an empty file extension. This default helper is ALWAYS the last checked, regardless its position in the list.

When a valid extension is found, GHX uses the associated commandline and replace the %s by the filename.

Once you have made your changes, you can save your configuration (for the next use of GHX) and apply it, only apply it (no save), or keep the previous settings.

You can change all this parameters at any time, while you are connected or not.

Saved parameters are automagically taken into account the next time you start GHX.

A new button on this form gives you an access to the module configuration window.

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