Files window pix

Probably the most complex window to use. The list of functions is quite long.

To upload or download, just select the files/directories you want to use and hit central -> (download) or <- (upload) arrow. Recursive operation is only available to download.

Some other types of transfer are available if the server is HSX.

Most of the following operations are available at the top of the window for each side (remote and local) and also into a popup menu (right click).

Each line of the file list contains a type (folder or file icon), a name and a number representing the file size or number of objects.

Action List:

If you click on a file, hold SHIFT and click on another file, GHX will select all files between the 2 previous.

If you hold CTRL while clicking on a file, you select or unselect it without modify previous selection.

You can use both CTRL and SHIFT at the same time.


Icons color and shape have a meaning:

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