DCTC is available under GPL. If you want to contribute, you can:
  • help develop: write some pieces of code, add or debug features.

  • help document: DCTC documentation is probably not the best. Considering adding to or/and rewriting the current online documentation, even a single paragraph or a FAQ are useful.

  • Donate: if none of the above options are up your alley, please consider making a monetary donation. To donate via PayPal, connect to your PayPal account and use the Send Money tab. The recipient's Email is eric@a2pb.gotdns.org and give what you want. An easiest way to donate via PayPal will be set up as soon as PayPal upgrades its service.

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Basic client: Latest DCTC version is 0.85.9 (2004/01/24). CHANGES can be read here.
GUI: Latest dc_gui version is 0.80 (GTK1.2: 0.66, all above versions require gtk+>=2.1 and gnome 2.x) .
HUB: Latest dchub version is 0.5.2. CHANGES can be read here.

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I. What is DCTC

DCTC is a Direct Connect clone, a windoz client allowing users to share their files and talk (like IRC but more software sharing oriented) using a proprietary protocol.

DCTC stands for Direct Connect Text Client.

DCTC is release under GPL however, if you use it regularly and want to support its development, you can send a small fee.

II. What is not DCTC

DCTC is written from scratch without any help from neo-modus using our experience of hotline protocol.

DCTC is not designed to be used by human. It doesn't contains any GUI or CLI. The goal of this project is to build a Direct Connect client which can be used by other programs. So even if you can enter command using the keyboard, don't say the human interface is poor.

III. DCTC functions

Here is a list of yet supported functions.

DCTC also includes special features like:

IV. Sources

DCTC sources are also available here and source RPM package here. A mandrake 9.2 binary package is available (pIV version). A mirror of the files are available here (Thanks to Andreas Åberg).

V. dc_gui

dc_gui is a GUI for DCTC. Currently, it is still a beta version, some features don't work but the most useful ones still are available:

GTK2: dc_gui sources (v0.80) are available here, source RPM package here and binary RPM package here (MDK9.2 based, with bittorrent support). To compile, ./autogen.sh ; make; make install. The compilation requires 650MB of free memory to succeed. This version requires a DCTC version 0.85.8 or above.

GTK1.2: dc_gui sources (v0.66) are available here and source RPM package here.

A mirror of the files are available here (Thanks to Andreas Åberg).

VI. last minute bug fix

VII. dchub

dchub is a DC hub clone. Currently, it is a early stage version. The most useful features are still here. The following features are available:

dchub sources (v0.5.2) are available here and RPM source package here. To compile, ./autogen.sh ; make; make install. A mirror of the files are available here (Thanks to Andreas Åberg).

VIII. last minute bug fix

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